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EU07534 - Trashy slime

EU07534 - Trashy slime


The SLIME mask, which is part of the Dirt Beauty trend, is your asset against PM2.5 pollution thanks to the red algae extract: CONTACTICEL™!

The formulas contains EMOGREEN™ L15 which contributes to the lightness of the texture and provides a powdery finish.

The stringing texture is inspired by the sap of trees. It is achieved thank to a clever ingredients combination. SOLAGUM™ AX, natural gum, combined with cornstarch, gives a stringing and non-sticky effect. LANOL P increases the consistency and richness of the “slime”. SEPIMAX ZEN™ brings an elastic effect to the formula, stabilizes the original texture of the mask.

This mask is colored and perfumed only by matcha tea, suspended thanks to SEPIMAX ZEN™. In addition, the formula provides an anti-redness effect thanks to its green color!

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Mattifying & powdery

EU07534 - Trashy slime

EU07534 - Trashy slime

  • June 26, 2019
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