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Assistance services

Accompanying our customers in their dietary supplement projects
Assistance services

Beyond designing and supplying active ingredients and functional excipients, Seppic brings the necessary technical, scientific, marketing, and regulatory expertise to assist each customer in the optimal usage of these ingredients for their development projects and in bringing their new nutraceutical products to market rapidly.

Formulation assistance

Drawing from our experience in film coating and our understanding of the key parameters of formulation, we provide the necessary advice for the proper use of our ingredients in accordance with our customers' manufacturing process parameters. We can conduct trials in our application laboratory in order to identify the best-suited formulation for our customers' needs with ingredients that meet their criteria. Additionally, we advise our customers on the incorporation of our active ingredients not only in classic forms such as tablets and capsules, but also in more innovative forms such as drinks, stick packs, chewing gum, and bars.

Transposition assistance

For film coating, once the laboratory tests are completed, we offer on-site assistance. For instance, we can help our customers to scale up to a larger industrial scale, solve coating challenges, or offer tailored technical advice.

Theoretical and practical training

We provide theoretical and practical technical training for film coating. We assist our customers in developing analytical methods, including product characterization to guarantee reliable manufacturing processes. Such training is usually held in our innovation laboratories in Castres (France).

Regulatory support

Additionally, we assist our customers in understanding the regulatory context and the proofs of efficacy for our ingredients to help them with their product registration files and the use of claims in compliance with regulations.

By answering regulatory questions about our ingredients, we help our customers in determining the compliance of their dietary supplements for market introduction. Upon request, we provide complete regulatory reports containing all the necessary information to use our ingredients in dietary supplements in various countries.