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Corporate social responsibility

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At Seppic, our vision is to help people live healthy, happy lives in a healthy environment.

Acting responsibly and making progress on social, societal and environmental issues are at the heart of Seppic's vision. Seppic's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is based on three pillars: caring for our people, caring for the environment and caring for all our stakeholders.

Caring for our people

For the men and women of Seppic

Seppic is an 80-year-old company, made up of talented men and women who are passionate about what they do, working every day, all over the world, to meet challenges and explore new avenues. Enabling everyone to work safely and in good health, promoting well-being and personal development, and deploying strong ethical values are essential to Seppic's sustainable development.

Caring for the environment

For the environment

Continuously reducing the environmental footprint of Seppic's activities is another major pillar of our CSR program. At Seppic, we have prioritized the reduction of our impacts on climate and biodiversity because of their links to our operations and products.

With regard to the climate, we carry out an annual carbon audit in order to monitor our various emission sources and formulate targeted, effective reduction strategies. Seppic's current priorities are to :

  • Take action in the short term by continuing our actions to reduce carbon emissions at our industrial sites and by reducing emissions linked to the transport of ingredients to our customers,
  • Take long-term action with our eco-design program for new ingredients.

Biodiversity is a complex field, for which guidelines and methodologies are still in their infancy. At Seppic, we are concerned by biodiversity because we source raw materials, because we have production plants and because our ingredients are incorporated into finished products ultimately used by consumers, patients and professionals. As far as biodiversity is concerned, Seppic has formalized its biodiversity program, and its priorities are to :

  • Continuing to develop our actions concerning non-deforestation and sustainable palm oil with RSPO and ASD
  • Continue to develop our responsible sourcing initiatives with the UEBT,
  • Improve and optimize the efficiency of our equipment and facilities,
  • Take long-term action with our eco-design program for new ingredients, integrating all impacts (raw materials, processes, end-of-life).

Caring for all our stakeholders

Listening to and engaging our external stakeholders

At Seppic, we seek to involve our suppliers and customers in the service of both local communities and the environment.

We know that our stakeholders need to know more about Seppic's CSR commitments and achievements, and we have made it a priority to prepare a sustainable development report for Seppic, in addition to the Air Liquide Group report. This report will present our actions and results for all our commitments, in the social, societal and environmental fields.

Ethical BioTrade Sourcing Commitments

Ecovadis 2023

Ecovadis 2023 status

In 2023, Seppic has renewed its Platinum status by Ecovadis, the highest standard delivered by the platform.



Discover our Sustainability Report 2022

  • September 19, 2023
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