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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Seppic, our vision is to help everyone enjoy a healthy life in a healthy environment.

Acting responsibly and advancing social, societal, and environmental concerns are at the heart of Seppic's vision. Seppic's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is based on commitments to our people, the environment, and our stakeholders.

Our people

Seppic is a company over 75 years old, made up of talented women and men who love what they do, acting every day, everywhere in the world, to meet challenges and explore new paths. Working in safe and healthy conditions, promoting well-being and personal development, and deploying strong ethical values are all essential to Seppic's corporate sustainable development.

Seppic is committed to employee safety

Seppic is building a culture of safety to maintain an incident-free workplace.

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Employee code of conduct and ethics

A code of conduct is directed at all Seppic employees to assist them with developing their activities in keeping with Seppic's ethical standards.

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Health and well-being of people at work

Health and well-being at work around the world is a priority for Seppic.

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A progress-driven approach to protect the environment

Constantly reducing the environmental footprint of Seppic's activities is another major pillar of our CSR program. At Seppic, we have made it a priority to reduce our impact on climate and biodiversity as they relate to our operations and products.

Regarding climate, every year we carry out a carbon assessment in order to take into account global warming issues in our strategy and to reduce our carbon footprint. Seppic's current priorities are to :

  • Act in the short term by continuing our carbon emissions reduction at the industrial facility level and by reducing emissions associated with the freight transport to our customers,
  • Act in the long term with our eco-design program for new ingredients.

Biodiversity is a complex field, with reference frameworks and procedures still in their infancy. At Seppic, we are conscious of biodiversity because we source raw materials and we have production plants, and because our ingredients are incorporated into finished products that are ultimately used by consumers, patients, and professionals.

With regard to biodiversity, Seppic's current priorities are to:

  • Continue developing our actions regarding non-deforestation and sustainable palm oil,
  • Act in the long term with our eco-design program for new ingredients, integrating every environmental impact (raw materials, processes, end of lifecycle)
Acting for climate

Analysis of Seppic's carbon footprint directs our priority initiatives

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Seppic’s eco-designing

For a conscious innovation

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Biodiversity, for a sustainable palm oil

Seppic is committed to a strong program for sustainable palm oil.

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Engaging our external stakeholders

At Seppic, we strive to involve our suppliers and customers alike in serving local communities and the environment. We are mindful that our stakeholders must be better informed about Seppic's CSR commitments and achievements, and have made it a priority to prepare a sustainability report on Seppic’s scope, beyond the report of the Air Liquide group. This report will outline our initiatives and results in terms of our commitments in the social, societal, and environmental fields.

Committing our suppliers to sustainability

Responsibility, a pillar of Seppic's purchasing strategy

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Compliance with biodiversity regulations

Respectful access to genetic resources

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A collective commitment to serving Malagasy communities

For over 40 years, Serdex has been committed to respectful sourcing

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Ecovadis gold 2020

Ecovadis 2020 status
Seppic has Ecovadis Gold status and has had this status since 2016.