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Code of conduct for employees

Seppic Code of conduct

A code of conduct is directed at all Seppic employees to assist them with developing their activities in keeping with Seppic's ethical standards.

Implementing the code of conduct

The code of conduct is provided to all employees arriving at Seppic, in France and around the world. It is also incorporated into the rules of procedure for our sites in France.

Each year, an e-learning module on the code of conduct is completed by Seppic employees. This module raises awareness of the various provisions of the code of conduct. At the end of the module, each employee commits to adhering to the code in place. The Seppic ethics correspondent is responsible for overseeing the proper implementation of this module. In 2022, the completion rate was 97%, and Seppic's objective is to reach 100%.

Additionally, populations of Seppic employees at higher risk follow an e-learning module every year to raise awareness of the anti-corruption code. In 2022, the completion rate was 99% for this module.

Finally, the outsourced Ethicall alert system, available 24/7 in each local language, has been operational at Seppic since 2015, enabling each employee to report any possible violation of the code of conduct.

The code of conduct

Acting with care

  • Safety and Security

Ensuring a safe and secure work environment for all our employees and partners is Air Liquide’s priority. Because it is a matter of people, their health and their lives, the Group’s ambition is to have zero accidents.

  • Equality, Diversity and Prevention of Harassment

Air Liquide promotes diversity and equal opportunities for career development regardless of, in particular, ethnicity, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation and does not tolerate harassment or discrimination.

  • Protection of our Assets (physical assets and intellectual property)

As an innovation oriented company, Air Liquide’s assets consist of not only physical assets but also technologies, inventions and know-how. Our assets should be used with a high level of care and only for business related purposes.

  • Confidentiality

Preserving the business information of our company and of our partners, in a more and more digitized environment, relies on the responsibility and vigilance of us all.

  • Data Privacy

Each individual’s right to privacy is a key concern for Air Liquide. We are committed to taking the necessary measures to provide protection when handling employees’, business partners’, patients’ or any other person’s personal data.

  • External Communication and Social Media

Air Liquide is committed to open and reliable communication with all its stakeholders. Every employee should contribute to the protection and promotion of the Group’s reputation through careful and professional behavior when handling external communication and social media.

Acting with integrity and transparency

  • Conflict of Interest

Air Liquide respects the personal interests and private lives of its employees. Nevertheless, it is important to avoid conflicts between Air Liquide interests and one’s personal interests and to report any commitment or relationship that could potentially create such a conflict.

  • Corruption and Influence Peddling

The confidence of our business partners and all other stakeholders in our honesty and integrity is a priority. We have zero tolerance for any form of corruption, influence peddling and, more generally, violations of probity.

  • Intermediaries

Certain types of intermediaries (consultants, advisors, sales agents, distributors, etc.) carry a significant corruption risk and should therefore only be used when absolutely necessary. Precautions have to be taken before and during the business relationship.

  • Gifts and Hospitality

The offer or receipt of reasonably priced gifts and hospitality are a normal part of business life. However, if they are offered or received with the intention of obtaining an improper advantage, this constitutes corruption.

  • Fair Competition

Offering the best products and services through free and fair competition is key to our success. We are committed to competing fairly and in compliance with applicable competition laws everywhere we operate.

  • Transparency and Integrity of Information


Communicating transparent and reliable business information, financial and extra-financial, is key to maintaining trust with all our stakeholders.

Acting Responsibly

  • Environmental Protection

Protecting the environment is at the heart of our values, and we strive to work in a sustainable way for people and the planet. To meet the challenges of climate change and biodiversity, the Group is strengthening its long-standing commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. Aware of its impact on the world, Air Liquide is committed to acting for a sustainable future.

  • Human Rights

Air Liquide respects and promotes human rights in its operations around the world. We strongly believe that all persons should be treated with respect and dignity and that companies should play a role in protecting these fundamental human rights.

  • Contribution to the Community

Air Liquide has continuously been working to combine growth with concern for the environment and society. We contribute to inventing and shaping a sustainable future through our environmental and societal actions.

Implementation of the code of conduct

If there is any doubt about the interpretation or application, in a given situation, of the rules presented in this document.

Each Seppic employee has every right to inform their immediate supervisor, their Human Resources department, or the “Ethics Officer” of the Air Liquide Group about it.

Additionally, any employee who has, in good faith, pointed out a breach in the rules outlined in this document will not be subject to any disciplinary measures.

Code of conduct

Code of conduct

  • June 27, 2022
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