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Our ranges of dietary supplement ingredients

Seppic Dietary Supplements Range

Natural active ingredients for beauty and vitality

Seppic provides active ingredients targeting beauty and vitality, two dynamic market segments. These active ingredients, specifically designed for nutraceutical products, have been developed to offer formulators ingredients derived from natural sources that are safe, with proven efficacy, and that meet the quality and regulatory standards particular to dietary supplements.


Minerals are indispensable active ingredients that possess numerous health benefits. Because common forms of minerals are limited in terms of quality, origin, or physicochemical characteristics, Seppic provides mineral salts that meet specific needs, such as the ease of formulation in tablets and capsules, organoleptic qualities in liquid formulations, and better bioavailability.

Functional excipients and coating agents

Excipients and coating agents are used to address the challenges faced in the formulation of dietary supplements and are vectors for innovation and differentiation for our customers.

From compression excipients to coating agents for aesthetic benefits or moisture protection, our solutions help address a variety of challenges. They include providing functionality, improving the bioavailability of active ingredients, or enriching the consumer experience with innovative galenic forms.

Our innovation laboratories focus their efforts on providing solutions adapted to the rapidly evolving dietary supplement market. For instance, we have developed titanium dioxide-free coating agents containing only natural colors, including a titanium dioxide-free white coating solution.