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The universal solution to fight extreme thirst

AQUAXYL™, the power of a patented sweetened combination, optimizes the skin's hydrous flow.
Its mechanism of action identified by cosmetogenomics, controls water circulation and reserves.
“Anti-dehydration shield” action: Aquaxyl reinforces the synthesis of essential lipids and proteins involved in the organisation of the corneus layer.


INCI: Xylitylglucoside - Anhydroxylitol - Xylitol

The essential ally for skin & scalp hydration: all skin hydration elements are boosted (lipids, proteins, polysaccharides (dermal and epidermal hyaluronic acid), NMF)

The skin is visibly more beautiful:

  • The restructured stratum corneum is stronger
  • Visible effects in 8 hours

Strengthens the action of glycerin and removes its negative effects: Dare to introduce 2 bestsellers

The essential ally for hair products:

  • Scalp hydratation
  • AQUAXYL™ improves the tolerance of foaming formulations and increases their sensory quality

Perfect moisturizer for hands in hydroalcoholic gel (new in vivo study: +13.5% hydration after 24hours, -15.4% TEWL after 8 days


  • Skincare
  • Rinse and non-rinse hair products
  • Hygiene


  • 4 in vivo tests
  • Solubility: water-soluble
  • Appearance: liquid
  • Dose: 1-3%
  • Preservative-free
  • Approved in China
  • Complies with the ECOCERT label
  • Complies with the NATRUE label
  • NOC 100% (according to ISO 16128)
cutaneous microrelief improved vs placebo
Desquamation improved vs placebo
Hydration (Aquaxyl + Glycerin vs Glycerin alone)


Safety Data Sheet

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