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Health and well-being of people at work

Health and Well-being at work

Beyond ensuring safety for all, the occupational health and well-being of its employees around the world is a priority for Seppic. Like each subsidiary of the Air Liquide Group, Seppic is committed to:

Equal opportunities and diversity

At Seppic, diversity is a source of enthusiasm, creativity, and performance. This includes gender, nationality, training, profession, age, and ability. By promoting equal opportunity, Seppic strives to combat all forms of discrimination.

women and 56% men serve as employees
of the workforce held jobs in production, 25% in customer relations
experts among Air Liquide's technical leadership program
hours of training per employee per year
nationalities in 14 countries
of employees with disabilities in France
Average age

With regard to disability, Seppic has implemented an ambitious policy not only to meet its employer obligations but also to become a more inclusive company. As part of our company-wide agreement on Professional Equality, Quality of Life at Work and Disability signed in November of 2019, Seppic has undertaken commitments in three areas:

  • Recruiting workers with disabilities into our teams,
  • Maintaining workers with disabilities in employment,
  • Communicating and raising employee awareness in order to mobilize and eliminate prejudice.

Seppic and the Air Liquide Group's Missions Handicap (in French) share the same motto: "Our differences are our strength." These differences enhance each other's ideas and best practices to make collective progress.

In terms of gender equality, the gender equality index for Seppic in 2023 is 89/100. This is the result of a constant policy in terms of remuneration. It encourages us to continue and increase our policy on pay equity. Air Liquide's salary policy is based on 3 criteria: performance, responsibilities in the position held and external remuneration markets.

The index is broken down as follows:

The pay gap between women and men: 39/40

The gap in the distribution of individual increases between women and men: 20/20

The difference in the distribution of promotions between women and men: 15/15

The number of female employees who receive a raise after returning from maternity leave: 15/15

Parity among the 10 highest paid employees: 0/10

Work/life balance

In 2018, Seppic signed its first teleworking agreement in a continuously evolving environment. This initiative is part of a global approach to constantly improve the Quality of Life at Work of our employees by promoting a better balance between their personal and professional lives while staying in line with the company's dynamic agility and flexibility. At Seppic, teleworking is possible for a majority of employees for one day a week. 

Prohibiting moral or physical harassment

Air Liquide Group's outsourced Ethicall alert system was implemented at Seppic in 2015. It allows each employee to report any possible violation of the Code of Conduct, such as harassment. Available in employees’ respective vernacular, 24/7, Ethicall supplements the usual channels (direct supervisor, HR manager, ethics correspondents) to report ethics violations.

Furthermore, Seppic organizes sensitivity training sessions, attended by all of its managers in 2019 in order to prevent and combat sexual harassment and sexist conduct.

Prevention of psychosocial risks

Seppic takes all of the necessary measures to ensure the safety and to protect the physical and mental health of its employees. In order to prevent psycho-social risks, Seppic opted for a co-constructed and participatory approach by involving all stakeholders in the analysis: employees, staff representatives, occupational health specialists (workplace physician, psychologist), and members of management. 


Inaugurated in December 2018, located in the extension of the La Défense business district, Seppic's headquarters offers its employees, as well as its customers and partners, environments matching their expectations and the ways in which they work and collaborate. The three-floors premises are laid out through a unique architectural concept, "the formula of space," embodying Seppic's values as a human-scale, innovative company.

Engaging and enhancing the employee experience

Employees are Seppic's primary asset; their commitment is essential to the achievement of our long-term ambitions. The Air Liquide Group launched the annual MyVoice initiative for all employees around the world. An anonymous questionnaire encourages employees to express themselves in essential areas such as safety, trust, respect, corporate social responsibility, and their careers. The Air Liquide Group is thus able to assess its employees' level of commitment each year and implement the necessary initiatives to improve their experience.

Complying with laws and standards on work hours, occupational safety, and workplace health and safety management

Seppic, as a subsidiary of the Air Liquide Group, adheres to the highest standards in conducting its operations. In 2014, Air Liquide signed the United Nations Global Compact with founding principles that cover human rights, international labor standards, the environment, and efforts to combat corruption.

Seppic complies with the International Labor Organization's (ILO) rules on labor law and follows the recommendations issued by the OECD for multinational companies. These guidelines promote ethical business conduct in professional relationships, human rights, the environment, taxation, publication of information, the fight against corruption, consumer interests, science and technology, and competition.

The Air Liquide Group is also a signatory of the Responsible Care® Charter from the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), which aims to improve the overall performance of the chemical industry in terms of health, safety, and environmental protection.