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Ingredients for the oral route

Effective excipients for formulators and patients
Ingredients for the oral route

Oral administration, such as with tablets or capsules, is the most common route. It is easy for patients to use, generally cost-effective, and it allows the formulation of systems for the modified release of active ingredients.

Seppic offers a wide range of excipients suitable for the oral route. Whether dry (tablets, capsules, powders) or liquid (syrups, gels), formulators can use our excipients to improve active ingredient bioavailability, formulation stability, taste masking and therapeutic adherence, regardless of the active ingredients or forms.

Our pharmaceutical excipients are ready to use, are multi-compendial and also comply with IPEC-GMP standards. Seppic has been audited and EXCiPACT™ trademark certified since 2013.