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Assistance services

Helping our customers with their animal health projects
Seppic Animal Health Assistance Services

Seppic provides a full spectrum of assistance to help our customers develop their vaccines and ensure their success in the field.

Assistance in the development of veterinary vaccines

We test the efficacy and prove the safety of our Montanide™  vaccine adjuvants by using mouse models and field trials. We put this field expertise, enhanced by bibliographic resources, at your service to help you select the adjuvant technology (emulsion, polymer, etc.) best suited to your needs, whether in the targeted species for vaccination, the selected route of administration, the type of antigen used, or the required immunity type and kinetics. We assist you in the pre-selection of the adjuvant, in its formulation, and in the vaccination protocol.

Over the past three years, we have established 24 collaborations with customers, institutes, and universities around the world.

Assistance in the production of veterinary vaccines

Once the laboratory tests have been completed, we support you in the transposition from laboratory to pilot scale to industrial scale. We also offer recommendations for the development of analytical methods, particularly for the characterization of vaccines, to ensure reliable manufacturing processes.

We make 10 to 15 visits to our customers a year on average to help them during the industrial transposition phase.

Regulatory Assistance

Upon request, we can provide complete regulatory files necessary for the development, registration, and customs clearance of vaccines in various countries.

Training and workshops

Upon request, we can provide technical training for the application of Montanide™ adjuvants, vaccine formulation, manufacturing processes at laboratory, pilot and industrial scales, as well as quality control.