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Our jobs: what our employees say

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Beauty Care Market Manager

I’ve been lucky to make my passion for cosmetics into my profession. I thrive in this dynamic industry with its many facets: first and foremost there’s science, but also creativity and the end-consumer aspect that I find fascinating.

As part of Seppic’s global marketing team, I collaborate and imagine tomorrow's cosmetic solutions in close collaboration with innovation laboratories, sales and technical teams around the world, and of course our customers. I particularly enjoy the constant challenge of combining scientific innovation and understanding of future consumer needs. It’s all towards the ultimate aim of better meeting our clients’ demands, using impactful tools and ideas.

Helping to define the issues at a global strategy level, I then support the rollout at a local level. What a team effort!

nicolas garrigues


multi-skilled operator at the Castres production site

In seven years with Seppic my role has evolved several times, which is what makes this company great! I’ve been a multi-skilled operator for two years at the Castres site, where I work in three different workshops depending on their need for reinforcements or replacements. 

My job is very varied and that's what I like the most. I work beside many colleagues in the different workshops and there's never a routine. I’ve also developed many technical skills specific to each workshop. This requires a certain ability to adapt and ask questions. 

I feel I am contributing towards improving the company's operations. You can easily establish a relationship of trust with the team and workshop leaders, which allows you to share best practices and ideas. And at the Castres production site, the environment is family friendly, even though there are many of us. 

Aurelie Grimberg


Business Developer in Europe

As a business developer with Seppic’s Pharmacy business, I enjoy the interaction with my external and internal contacts, customers and colleagues. I also like working on projects, and creating long-term relationships with our customers built on trust. Thanks to Seppic’s products and skills, we can offer a range of attractive solutions to the technical and commercial problems that our customers may encounter, on all types of subjects, whether that be product, application, supply, quality, or regulatory.

What do I appreciate at Seppic? There are so many things! The corporate culture, the competence and commitment of each individual, the autonomy in daily life, the fluidity in decision-making, the kindness and friendliness of our conversations, the quality and added-value of the products and services we offer.

What makes my experience at Seppic unique is the entrepreneurship of this people-centric, agile and international company. It makes for an exciting day-to-day life, constantly presenting new challenges, but also opportunities for development within Seppic or the Air Liquide Group where I have now worked for 30 years.



head of innovation and technology development

What I like about my job is investing myself in health by developing innovative ingredients, working in a stimulating environment, and working alongside passionate people.

I joined Seppic in 2001 as a research engineer, and Seppic has supported my development ever since. Not only can I evolve by taking on new responsibilities, but I am also recognised internally as an expert, which allows me to have access to new missions and share my knowledge.

ashok bhatt


India & Middle-East Zone Director

I am very attached to Seppic which is a company with very strong human values. Respect, open-mindedness and dialogue are essential for me because they allow me to feel free to express my point of view and my ideas. I thus feel that I am an integral part of this company and I contribute to make it evolve.

My work is rich and the relational aspect is very important: I manage about ten people while maintaining a very close link with customers. Meeting new people and taking up new challenges is what makes me passionate about my day-to-day work.

I've been working at Seppic for eight years and I always start my days with enthusiasm. Our product portfolio is very varied, innovative and unique, which allows us to reach a large number of customers, especially in the health and beauty industry, areas that are of particular interest to me.