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Our values

Caring for our People.
nos valeurs

At Seppic, we want people to live well and be healthy in a healthy environment.

Empowering everyone to unleash their potential, Seppic provides an environment that reflects our commitment to diversity, sustainable development, innovation and well-being at work.

Diversité et Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion: a source of creativity and performance

We take specific care to enrich teams with different and unique talents. This diversity of nationality, age, gender, training, disability and more, drives creativity, as well as economic and social progress.

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Caring, collaboration and challenge

To make Seppic a great place to work, we do our best to create caring and challenging environments. 

As part of its commitment to sustainable corporate responsibility, Seppic prioritises the safety and security of employees within its activities.

Through the Beesafe Programme, every one of us can foster a culture of care and mutual support on a daily basis.

Committed to a process of continuous improvement, we embrace professional challenges together to satisfy our customers.