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EU07531 - D.I.Y. dermocosmetic base high stability sensory cream

EU07531B - D.I.Y. dermocosmetic base


A robust base to customize according to your desire! The viscosity of this universal chassis remains stable despite the addition of stressful ingredients!

A stable chassis cream, resistant to urea up to 30%, to glycolic acid up to 20%, …

SEPIMAX ZEN™ takes up the challenge to stabilize the chassis whatever the viscosity, despite the presence of electrolytes.

The combination of EMOGREEN™ L19 & MONTANOV™ 202 gives the cream a prolonged playtime & an extra comfortable sensory.

LANOL 99: emollient agent.

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EU07531B DIY Dermocosmetic Base gb

EU07531B - D.I.Y. dermocosmetic base

  • March 22, 2021
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