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Ingredients for each route of administration
Seppic Pharmaceuticals Market

Adapting medications to the needs of patients, such as treatment efficacy and therapeutic adherence, resolving bioavailability issues for active ingredients, are key priorities for pharmaceutical industry players.

At Seppic, being experts in formulation, polymers, surfactants, and emulsions, we offer excipients adapted to three routes of administration — oral, topical, and parenteral — as well as vaccine adjuvants. We also assist our customers in their development projects.

Ingredients adapted to each route of administration

For oral administration, regardless of the form, our excipients improve the bioavailability of the active ingredients, their solubility, the formulation stability, taste-masking, and therapeutic adherence of the patient.

For topical administration, our excipients contribute to innovation in dermatology and dermopharmacy by improving therapeutic adherence or facilitating solubilization, and formulation of active ingredients in various galenic forms.

For parenteral administration, our solubilizers enhance the efficacy of active ingredients while meeting the requirements of intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous administration.

Vaccine adjuvants contribute to vaccine performance. For instance, they can be used in therapeutic vaccines for immunotherapy in oncology (lung cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, etc.), or in prophylactic vaccines to protect people from certain infectious diseases.

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