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EU07535B - Insta aging fluid serum

Mattifying & powdery

This cream-gel texture is thickened and stabilized by SEPINOV™ WEO. A small quantity of ORAMIX™ CG 110 reinforces the formula stability.

For immediate effects, the formula contains SEPIFINE™ BB, that provides instant mattifying effect, and EMOGREEN™ L15, which contributes to a light, evanescent and powdery skin feel. It also provides a matte finish similarly to that of volatile silicones.

A cocktail of active ingredients works together to make the skin “selfie-ready”: ASPAR'AGE™ regulates the effect of SMS to protect young cells from contagious aging. It is combined to TALADVANCE™, a centella asiatica extract, that improves skin radiance. To finish, AQUAXYL™ ensures skin moisturization.

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EU07535B - Insta aging fluid serum