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Dietary supplements

Innovative solutions dedicated to dietary supplements
Seppic Dietary Supplements

Consumers are increasingly investing in their health and well-being with dietary supplements. While the dietary supplement market is regulated differently from place to place, our customers across the globe prefer quality and proof of benefits in order to offer premium dietary supplements.

At Seppic, we offer active and functional ingredients for formulation that are dedicated to dietary supplements and that meet the expectations of customers and consumers.

Innovative ingredients dedicated to dietary supplements

Whether for skincare or sports recovery, all of our active ingredients meet the highest demands in terms of quality, compliance with regulations, and scientifically proven efficacy.

We also know how galenic forms can be a lever of differentiation for our customers. This is why our formulation solutions, including coating agents, functional excipients for tablets, capsules and sticks, etc., are dedicated to dietary supplements and designed to meet each of their formulation challenges.

Naturality and the "Inside & Out" concept as sources of innovation

We have committed ourselves to two fundamental trends: naturalness and the "Inside & Out" beauty concept.

All new developments are part of a naturality and safety approach for the consumer, such as our Sepifilm™ Naturally Colored coating agents that use only natural dyes without aluminum and titanium dioxide.

The "Inside & Out" beauty concept provides beauty benefits through oral and topical applications. It relies on a technology used both in cosmetic products (topically) and in dietary supplements (orally). For instance, our two grades of Ceramosides™ can be used to design a comprehensive moisturizing and anti-aging solution with an ''Inside & Out” approach.

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