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Committing our suppliers to sustainability

Responsibility, a cornerstone of Seppic's purchasing strategy
Committing our suppliers to sustainability

At Seppic, supply reliability, performance, innovation, and responsibility are at the heart of purchasing. Responsibility includes ethics and the protection of biodiversity. It is based on balanced and sustainable relationships with our suppliers, within the framework of "win-win" partnerships focused on the long term.

Our expectations of suppliers

We are implementing a Supplier Code of Conduct, which aims to promote and enforce practices related to human rights, ethics, environmental protection, and safety. Suppliers' commitment to this Code of Conduct is a major condition for starting a partnership with Seppic.

In order to identify critical suppliers from a responsibility point of view, we carry out an annual risk analysis. We monitor the Ecovadis ratings of these suppliers and for some, we develop evaluation questionnaires and Corporate Social Responsibility audits. In particular, we address issues related to safety, human rights, the environment, and ethics, and support certain suppliers in their ongoing improvement process.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Suppliers Code of Conduct

  • June 16, 2020
  • PDF - 112 KB

Responsible botanical sourcing

Seppic has long been committed to a transition to an increasingly plant-based supply. Today, over half of our supplies come from plants or plant derivatives.

We are committed to a responsible approach to biodiversity, particularly by improving the traceability of our plant-based raw materials. For instance, we are committed to sustainable palm oil.

Regarding our plant purchases, particularly for the creation and production of wesource active ingredients or nutraceuticals, we have a responsible purchasing approach in the relevant countries. We also comply with local regulations concerning biodiversity based on the Nagoya Protocol.