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Committing our suppliers to sustainability

Responsibility, a cornerstone of Seppic's purchasing strategy
Committing our suppliers to sustainability

At Seppic, supply reliability, performance, innovation, and responsibility are at the heart of purchasing. Responsibility includes ethics and the protection of biodiversity. It is based on balanced and sustainable relationships with our suppliers, within the framework of "win-win" partnerships focused on the long term.

Our requirements of suppliers

Seppic has established principles designed to ensure ethical and sustainable commercial relationships with its goods and services suppliers and subcontractors, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and with its commitments to corporate social responsibility (CSR). These principles reflect Seppic's commitment to making every effort to prevent and reduce risks, as well as serious breaches and violations of ethical, environmental, and human rights standards associated with its operations, to optimize its positive impacts, and to do so throughout its value chain as part of a responsible purchasing approach. 

To achieve this, Seppic includes a clause on compliance with the supplier code of conduct in all raw materials purchasing specifications as well as in all purchase orders and contracts. 

As a result, all Seppic suppliers are committed to complying with this code of conduct. In addition, Seppic carries out an annual risk analysis to identify critical suppliers. Some of them are monitored through their Ecovadis rating and others through our assessment surveys and CSR audits. Subsequent action plans are implemented to support suppliers in their CSR efforts in order to promote a responsible supply chain.

Seppic's supplier code of conduct

With our code of conduct, our suppliers commit to: 

  • Respecting human, labor, and other social rights. 
  • Doing business ethically. 
  • Preserving the environment. 
  • Protecting resources, notably data and information.

An alert system for our stakeholders

EthiCall is the Group's alert system, through which anyone with direct knowledge of inappropriate behavior in relation to various ethics, integrity and compliance issues (fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest, harassment, discrimination, breach of competition law, issues relating to personal data protection, health and safety or environmental protection, etc.), can issue an alert anonymously and confidentially. This system is available to all Group employees and stakeholders, including the company's suppliers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, online or by telephone, in the languages spoken by the Seppic Group.

With this reporting system, Seppic is committed to ensuring that all alerts are taken into account; that all reports are treated with integrity and confidentiality; and that anyone who has raised an alert in good faith will not be subject to reprisals of any kind

Whistleblowing Policy

Responsible botanical sourcing

Seppic has long been committed to a transition to an increasingly plant-based supply. Today, over half of our supplies come from plants or plant derivatives.

We are committed to a responsible approach to biodiversity, particularly by improving the traceability of our plant-based raw materials. For instance, we are committed to sustainable palm oil.

Regarding our plant purchases, particularly for the creation and production of wesource active ingredients or nutraceuticals, we have a responsible purchasing approach in the relevant countries. We also comply with local regulations concerning biodiversity based on the Nagoya Protocol.