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Seppic’s commitment to employee safety

Seppic’s commitment to employee safety

Seppic ensures that everyone, including employees and partners, works in the best possible safety, well-being, and efficiency conditions. Safety is a constant on which we rely to make our decisions, to protect ourselves and for the sake of those around us, our colleagues, our friends, our families, our environment.

Throughout the Air Liquide Group, Safety is part of a continuous improvement process in which all employees participate. Beyond the statistical indicators that measure this commitment, it is above all at the heart of people’s stories and their health.

The BEE SAFE program, a behavioral approach to Safety

In 2018, Seppic launched a safety initiative — the "BEE SAFE" program — created on three key values: Benevolence (Bienveillance), Enhanced listening (Ecoute), and Extending aid (Entraide) within teams and in the relationships between employees and their managers. This is a multi-year program, centered on the Human being. It aims to deeply change each person's approach to safety in the workplace and to ensure that each person is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.

The program has several components: 

  • Manager training in order to equip managers with a common awareness and tools to improve their day-to-day approach to safety in their team management;
  • Training teams in order to equip teams and raise their awareness of how to be safe for themselves and others;
  • Regular follow-ups for managers and teams to reinforce the implementation of these changes and create a new dynamic based on the training and promotion of certain employees.

By the end of 2019, 93% of employees on our sites in France had been trained in this approach, with the training program ongoing.

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