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Performance materials

Environmentally friendly ingredients for industrial applications
Seppic Performance materials

Environmental issues affect all industries. Reducing the biodiversity impact of their products is a growing concern for an increasing number of our customers. This is why Seppic has created a wide range of high-performance ingredients that are easy to use and increasingly environmentally friendly, for a number of industries.

A wide range of bio-based ingredients

Seppic supplies bio-sourced ingredients. Our alkylpolyglucosides develop and improve the efficiency of our customers' products with a wide spectrum of applications and in many markets. Our lipoaminoacids are also used in foaming product formulations. For instance, they contribute to the formulation of industrial detergents for all types of surfaces such as car care products, fire-fighting foamers, and so on.

Surfactants rated Gold by OCNS

For oil applications, some of our surfactants, such as Montagel™ BP 50, are classified as "Gold," biodegradable and environmentally friendly, by the Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS) which regulates the use of chemicals in the North Sea. Once certified, our customers can use our surfactants and register their finished product directly with OCNS

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Supporting all industrial sectors

Our Business Managers have specialized skills and are able to serve our customers in each market. As unique contacts, their know-how can provide technical support to customers and recommendations for the best ingredient for each application.

Over 200 examples of finished products, created with our ingredients and developed in our innovation laboratories in Castres (France), provide relevant solutions to meet the needs of our customers in many fields, such as detergents, oil, paper, construction, etc.

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