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Innovation at Seppic

Designers of unique ingredients
Innovation at Seppic

Conscious innovation is at the heart of Seppic's vision to help everyone enjoy a healthy life in a healthy environment.

Our approach to innovation is based on our vast team of men and women, our mastery of the science of ingredients, a wide range of expertise, and in-depth knowledge of our markets around the world. It aims to design, test, and manufacture the best ingredients to meet our customers' challenges as they develop the medicines, vaccines, cosmetics, and dietary supplements of tomorrow.

Challenges to overcome

The science of ingredients is constantly renewing itself to adapt to the needs of its many applications. Today, particularly in the cosmetics and dietary supplement markets, the natural composition of ingredients, their sustainability, their low impact on the environment, transparency, labeling, and visible efficacy, are key consumer expectations. Our customers want solutions that meet these expectations while maintaining performance, safety, and compliance with regulations that are constantly evolving around the world. They also need the performance and efficacy of our ingredients to be demonstrated by robust data.

In the pharmaceutical and vaccines area, there are also many challenges such as the need to increase therapeutic adherence and broaden access to safe and effective adjuvants for the world's vaccine manufacturers in order to help improve health for everyone, everywhere.

An open and ambitious model

Seppic's model is fundamentally open: we serve all our customers, regardless of size or location, with unique, effective, and proven ingredients to bring the best to everyone, everywhere in the world. To achieve and preserve this freedom, Seppic protects its innovations and ingredients through patents, which cover processes and applications of our ingredients. Today, Seppic has 240 patent families that guarantee our customers' access to our catalog of ingredients to be one step ahead in their markets.

Resources for success

In order to advance the science of ingredients and offer innovative ingredients to our customers, we deploy many resources.

15% of Seppic's workforce is dedicated to innovation. Three teams are responsible for creating functional ingredients, active ingredients, and technologies for formulations and vaccines. They work in an integrated manner, from prospective studies to development and industrial transfer, and are assisted by support teams, particularly in open innovation, project management, analytical methods, intellectual property, technical watch, and scientific communication, as well as by a regulatory affairs team.

Innovation augmented by a vast eco-system

Finding new bio-sourced raw materials, identifying new molecules, accelerating the integration of new technologies (such as biotechnologies, eco-extraction or energy-saving processes), and seeking new methods for evaluating performance or biological efficiency often involve monitoring the market and setting up partnerships with innovative players. This external eco-system enables us to increase our innovation and explore new avenues.

These partnerships can be the subject of supply agreements, co-development agreements, or become larger multi-stakeholder projects.

Seppic is constantly looking for new opportunities. If you wish to discuss an opportunity, please use our contact form.

Key dates

Responsibility and sustainability are strong expectations of all of our stakeholders. Innovation is one of the pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility program. Promoting renewable and sustainable sources, reducing the carbon impact of our ingredients in development, and reducing ingredients’ impact on biodiversity upstream and downstream of the value chain is at the heart of our innovation mission.

Opening of laboratories in Castres (France)
Opening of an immunology laboratory in the veterinary school of Maison-Alfort (France)
Integration of the Pontrieux site (France)
Integration of the Lons site (France)