G-beauty: the new skincare hotspot

  • November 2, 2020
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G-beauty: the new skincare hotspot

Maud Merlini
Maud Merlini

Skincare has been exploring 'Alphabet' beauty over the past 10 years. Starting first with K- (South Korea) and J-Beauty (Japan), alphabet beauty is defined by the use of local ingredients and/or product concepts that respond to a country-specific beauty mindset and that can also have an echo on an international level. Alphabet beauty has expanded and welcomed new letters: C-beauty (China), A-beauty (Australia). Now, the new craze happens with G-beauty and it stands for none other than German beauty!

The German beauty market

German performance is often associated with the automotive sector; but what about their cosmetic products?
According to Euromonitor, Germany is actually the #1 cosmetic market in Europe with 17 279M€ in 2019 - that represents 20% of the market - before the UK and France. The market has a bright future ahead of it despite the COVID-19 crisis, with a projected growth of 9,5% up to 2024.
The top players are large multinationals. However, the increasing importance of the small home-grown players in skincare is a real threat for these latter and leads to the emergence of G-beauty locally and internationally.

What exactly is G-beauty?

While K-beauty is famous for its multi-step system and J-beauty for its sophisticated skincare essentials, G-beauty is more about ingredients: it’s the clean marriage of nature and science in beauty.

German beauty brands tend to take an extremely scientific approach to skincare, focusing on the power of natural ingredients and formulas, with the majority of brands being founded by doctors and professors.

They offer to achieve healthy skin with:

  • natural formulas, often organic or Natrue certified
  • clean compositions, following European regulations and trying to avoid controversial ingredients
  • performance-based approach, focusing on scientific results

Why looking at G-beauty and being inspired by it?

The Germans have clearly identified a need in the beauty industry where the consumer is searching for natural, responsible, clean products but also efficiency.

Indeed, for a few years, more and more consumers perceived clean beauty and natural products as the safer option. COVID-19 has had a profound impact on consumer lifestyles and has reinforced their focus on safety and personal health, and thus, their seek for natural and clean beauty. According to Mintel, in the US, 40% of buyers of clean, natural or organic products believe 'clean beauty' products are safer than mainstream; in Brazil, 41% of adults believe that natural ingredients are safer for their skin, and in China, 83% of consumers agree that clean beauty products adhere to higher standards in research and development.

Also, COVID-19 crisis has brought scientific expertise to the fore. Consequently, in beauty, consumer trust has come into focus and many find science to be now the answer as it provides clear-cut information and reassurance where it has been lacking.

Get on board with G-beauty!

The Waste Less Lotion

Formulated with 98.2% of natural origin ingredients and according to the Cosmos natural standards, this lotion is a new moisturizing essential for face and body. It brings comfort during application and instantly provides a moisturization sensation, leaving a soft and non-sticky afterfeel.
It’s enriched with a plant cell extract of the Everlasting. This active ingredient provides some of the latest breakthroughs in moisturization: it increases the number of lacunae, these markers of hydration acting as extracellular water tanks and representing up to 40% of the volume of the stratum corneum. Thus, skin moisturization is boosted.

The Clean For All Moisturizer

Formulated without silicones or unwanted ingredients, with a minimalist approach, Clean for All Moisturizer uses all the clean cosmetic codes to meet consumers expectations. With 97,8% of natural origin ingredients, it offers a soft and non-sticky afterfeel on skin. It’s also enriched with an extract of Great Burdock - a flower well-known in Europe and Germany - obtained from a non-destructive process. It balances the skin microbiota, promotes its biodiversity for a harmonious skin ecosystem and brings moisturization for a comfortable skin.

The Hand & Body Nourishing Balm

This nourishing balm sublimates both hand and body dry skins: bye bye to crocodile skin ! Formulated with 98,6% of natural origin ingredients and Cosmos approved ingredients, it has a creamy and non-oily texture, it’s quickly absorbed and leaves a veil of softness for a real sensation of well-being.
On top of that, this balm is the result of a smart selection of ingredients to potent its moisturizing efficacy:

  • It's formulated with a bio-compatible emulsifier; it helps to have a structure of the emulsion similar to the stratum corneum lipids. Therefore, the skin lipids organization is not disturbed, it is reinforced and the skin barrier is more efficient !
  • Some ingredients work in synergy to maximize skin moisturization: AQUAXYL™, a patented complex of natural sugars combined with glycerin, deeply hydrates hands & body.

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