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Innovative moisturizer to break Inflamm’dryness™ vicious circle

HYDRACHRYSUM™ is a patented innovative moisturizer offering a solution to break Inflamm’dryness™ vicious circle to tackle dry skin conditions.

INCI: Aqua/Water - Glycerin - Helichrysum stoechas Callus Culture Lysate

Hydrachrysum™ is the new natural ally of dry skin. It has been developed using our Celtosome™ biotechnology & a new added step. It offers a unique molecular richness made up of hydrophilic & lipophilic molecules derived from the dedifferentiated plant cells of Helichrysum stoechas and specific ones secreted in the medium.

Benefits of Hydrachrysum™:

  • In vivo:  at 1% ensures an intense & long-term hydration vs. placebo (+32%*).
  • increases the number of lacunae, these markers of hydration acting as extracellular water tanks and representing up to 40% of the volume of the stratum corneum. It boosts skin moisturization after only 5 days by increasing significantly the number of lacunae +82%* vs placebo.
  • Breaks the Inflamm’dryness™ vicious circle :
    • Manage the resolution of inflammation (decrease of pro-inflammatory and an increase of pro-resolutive mediators)
    • Restores the barrier function & homeostasis


Solubility: water-soluble

Appearance: pale to deep yellow liquid

Dose: 1%

Formulation: easy to formulate - colorless in formulation

Preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate

Complies with the ECOCERT & Natrue labels, Halal certified


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