• January 1, 2019
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Asia-Pacific area is one of the cradles of innovation and dynamism for cosmetic industry. Korean and Japanese beauty and products - also known as K-beauty and J-beauty - have successively intrigued, inspired and flooded worldwide. Now, it is the turn of beauty with an “A” to arouse a new interest. This is “Aussie-beauty”, the new beauty trend from Australia.

In recent few years, there has undeniably been an influx of beauty brands and products from the biggest island on Earth to Europe (especially on UK and French markets). Press articles on beauty products from the "Down Under" are multiplying in magazines; beauty distribution chains begin to set a category to Australian-inspired products. 

What is attracting consumers to this trend?

The secrets of Aussie Beauty

Four elements make the special recipe of A-beauty's success and inspire beauty-addicts to progressively adopt some South Pacific brands.

Aussie Beauty

These elements are really indicative of Australians' attitudes towards beauty.

Indeed, Australian consumers are embracing healthier lifestyles. For example, 55% of Australian women believe lifestyle is the most important factor in determining the appearance of their facial skin(1)They increasingly favour prevention over treatment
Also, the issue of sustainability underlies many industries in Australia. Cosmetic industry is no exception: 34% of urban Australians prefer sustainably sourced products & 32% eco-friendly packaging(1), showing a growing population with green values.

Australian consumers are more and more interested in natural-derived ingredients. The diversity of Australian breathtaking landscapes and their endemic plants are a powerful source of inspiration to design cosmetics. Aussie brands are featuring Australian ingredients such as indigenous or local plants (e.g. Kakadu plum or eucalyptus) and mineral clays, and are gaining momentum among consumers. 

Finally, Australians take a "more benefits, less worries" approach to their routines. Australian brands are moving away from multi-step complicated regimens and toward multitasking and multi-benefit products.

Thus, A-beauty features simple but effective formulas, offer timesaving products, contain local and/or natural ingredients and project an image of eco-consciousness.

A-Beauty and skin care

Australian market is quite saturated & highly competitive but it has some potentials to grow, in particular on skin care category

Australian beauty & personal care market is worth 6.99$bn and ranks at #15 of market size in value(2). Regarding skin care category, it is the largest category with 1.95$bn and should raise up to 2.7$bn in 2023. Over next five years, its CAGR is expected at 4.2%, twice that of the Australian global market(3)

Moreover, despite Australians’ love for Korean beauty products, with multiple retailers and e-tailers selling K-beauty products in Australia, A-beauty trend is gaining greater recognition amid naturality, transparency and sustainability concerns in skin care category.

Ride the Aussie-Beauty wave

Faced with this emerging trend, Seppic offers formulas combining naturality, simplicity and sustainability for Australian-inspired concepts.

“Younger look” cream gel:

This cream leaves a “satin” touch and fresh feeling onto skin while offering a healthy aging approach with a red seaweed originally from Australia.

Indeed, this cream gel is enriched with an extract of Asparagopsis armata, ASPAR’AGE™. 

Asparagopsis armata is a small red seaweed that presents entanglement of thorny irregular twigs in the shape of Harpoons, reminding the “harpoon of Neptun”. Historically described on the West coast of Australia, its morphology with small hooks make it hooked on the boat hull and traveled oceans

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ASPAR’AGE™ is the wesource™ active ingredient that protects the youth skin cells from contagious ageing.  This consists on a premature aging due to a “Senescence Messaging Secretome” (SMS), affecting young neighbouring cells.  ASPAR’AGE™ regulates the effect of SMS in order to reduce the contagious aging. Most of anti-aging active ingredients protect the skin from exogenous stress. ASPAR’AGE™ protects the skin from endogenous stress with a singular approach: reducing contagious aging as a new healthy aging approach.

Moreover, in vivo, ASPAR'AGE™ improves the perception of age. It has been evaluated instrumentally: -13% of wrinkles volume. Even more important, the skin appears younger to people watching the volunteer.

This cream gel without emulsifier is stabilized with SEPINOV™ EMT 10 and SEPIMAX ZEN™, both multifunctional polymers. They provide not only the good consistency but also the excellent oil stabilizing effect. SEPINOV™ EMT 10 brings a fresh “satin” touch and eases the formula spreading. A cold-processed cream gel allows decreasing up to 97% energy consumption and up to 80% manufacturing time, compared to a hot-processed emulsion (pilot scale, 6 kg).

Multi-benefits marine serum: 

This white fluid cream gel is also in line with Aussie-beauty philosophy, offering multi-benefits to skin, sustainable features and a cosmos compliant formula. 

On one hand, this serum infused with marine actives from wesource™ helps to detoxify, hydrate and soothe skin for a radiant complexion, in one step. 

On the other hand, special attention is paid to the environmental impact of this formula.

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With HYDRALIXIR™, this marine serum has a sustainable approach of water sourcing. Indeed, fresh water is becoming a rare commodity on the blue planet. According to UNESCO, by 2025, 1.8 billion people on Earth will be living in a state of 'water stress'. Transforming our consumption & reducing our water footprint is becoming a major issue. As by-products from algae drying, wesource™ by Seppic offers HYDRALIXIR™, an eco-designed collection of algae cellular fresh waters. As a comparison, water consumption of drinking water for the production of 1000L osmosis-purified water is about 1500 L. Meanwhile, thanks to HYDRALIXIR™, it is about 60 L of drinking water. Those products allows to replace water used in formulation, from 10 to 50% of the formulas.

Beyond that bringing a gliding effect to the formula and a soft finish after application, EMOGREEN™ L19 is also plant-based and from renewable origin.
The palm biomass is traceable back to its plantations. EMOGREEN™ range’s carbon footprint was evaluated “cradle to gate” and studies have shown that thanks to a carbon credit from its plant origin and its low-energy consumption manufacturing process, the range allows a 115% decrease of carbon footprint in comparison with silicone oils. EMOGREEN™ range reaches at least 80% of biodegradability (according to both OECD 301 and 306) so it is considered as Readily Biodegradable.

While the big companies in the cosmetic industry get the most attention, local beauty actors are changing markets, locally and sometimes abroad. K-beauty and J-beauty were the forefathers of country-branded beauty movements. Now, other countries with a strong heritage  are cashing on their own merits. Australia is one of them, with its vision of beauty as part of a health & environmental proposition.

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