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Balance reactive skin for a perfect harmony

Sourced from the core of the roots of the famous Great Burdock (Arctium lappa) by using a non-destructive process*, EQUIBIOME brings harmony and comfort to reactive skin by providing favorable conditions for a biodiverse of skin-microbiota ecosystem, thus improving the skin barrier function.


INCI: Propylene Glycol - Aqua/Water - Arctium Lappa Root Extract

The microbiota, together with the skin, acts as a shield that protects the body against external aggressions. Therefore, this is the site of numerous cell-microbe interactions (dynamic equilibrium) and any disturbance of this homeostasis may lead to skin disorders such as skin barrier disruption or excessive inflammation; thus increasing skin sensitivity.

In vitro, EQUIBIOME™ balances the skin microbiota, acting as peacekeeper for the microbial communities and strengthens the skin barrier function by managing inflammatory processes. Thus, EQUIBIOME™ promotes microbiota biodiversity for a harmonious skin ecosystem.

Tested in vivo on volunteers with very dry and/or sensitive skin, EQUIBIOME™ helps to get harmony of reactive skin at 1% by:

  • improving the stresses tolerance threshold of the skin (reduction by -60% skin redness apparition & by -20% burning/stinging sensations vs placebo at D14) and;
  • managing the epidermal water content (+56% skin moisturization vs placebo after 21 days).

Let EQUIBIOME™ help you get harmony for a better and long-lasting skin comfort!

* Plant Advanced Technologies co-development




Solubility: hydrosoluble

Form: liquid

Use level: 1%

Preservative free

100% natural

Titrated extract in mTCQ

China Compliant

Cosmos approved


Safety Data Sheet

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