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Power to the athletes

WATTS’UP™ is an all-natural citrus fruit extract that has been clinically evaluated in athletes showing improvement in peak force output and total power during exercise by increasing mitochondrial efficiency.

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Unique mechanism of action

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells. Muscle cells require a lot of energy, which is produced by the mitochondria, for daily activities and exercise. Mitochondria convert energy extracted from nutrients into ATP, the fuel of our muscles.

In vitro studies carried out by the University of Liege have shown the capacity of WATTS’UP™ to increase the mitochondrial efficiency in generating more ATP at constant oxygen levels.

Clinically studied action

WATTS’UP™ has been tested in two placebo-controlled clinical studies.

In the first study, targeting highly trained athletes, the power output and oxygen consumption were measured during a ten minute full exhaustion trial. The study showed a strong increase in anaerobic derived power at the start of the exercise, followed by a sustained superior aerobic derived power throughout the whole exercise.

In the second study, the main objective was to assess the effect of a lower dose of WATTS’UP™ on peak power output during the Wingate Test with moderately trained subjects. The test showed an increase of the average anaerobic power compared to the placebo group and an increase in peak power within the first five seconds.


BIOACTOR develops clinically tested health ingredients for use in dietary supplements and functional food.

SEPPIC distributes BIOACTOR products in North America and Italy.


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