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Castres site


A major player in the south of Tarn for nearly 50 years, the Castres site is our largest site in terms of employees. It houses manufacturing workshops, innovation laboratories, and a Customer Service Technical Centre (CTSC), as well as all of the associated technical and administrative services. The manufacturing workshops and laboratories host a wide range of expertise, technologies, and operations, operating in synergy.

The site has 26 manufacturing units. The units produce functional ingredients and excipients for cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, veterinary products, and industrial specialties, such as polymers, surfactants and emulsifiers, vaccine adjuvants and film coating ingredients, as well as cosmetic active ingredients.

The site carefully manages its environmental impacts thanks to a station equipped with four water pre-treatment basins, controlled discharge of rainwater, waste sorting, and three gas-discharge treatment units.

It possesses numerous certifications: ISO 9001:2015, EFfCi and EXCiPACT, ISO 14001, 18001, and RSPO. 100% of the ingredients whose production uses palm oil derivatives will be Mass Balance or Book & Claim certified by the end of 2020. Follow our RSPO progress. Some ingredients are Halal certified and the Halal certification program is ongoing. The plant is also compliant with current Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practices (European GMP, Part II) for vaccine adjuvants and injectable pharmaceutical surfactants.

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127, chemin de la poudrerie

BP 90128 81105

Castres CEDEX France

Phone: +33 (0)5 63 72 69 69

Fax.: +33 (0)5 63 72 69 70