Seppic launches Solagum™ GM, the extra thickening & moisturizing natural gum with supreme comfort

  • April 16, 2024
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Seppic launches Solagum™ GM, the extra thickening & moisturizing natural gum with supreme comfort

Seppic, one of the world leaders in cosmetic rheology modifiers, continues to enrich its natural gum portfolio with the launch of Solagum™ GM: an eco-designed, 100% natural origin1 gum with high thickening & moisturizing properties for maximum comfort.

Today, a high naturality profile has become a must-have for most consumers, presenting new challenges for formulators regarding performance and sensoriality. With the aim of always making formulators’ work easier, Seppic has developed a highly thickening & moisturizing natural gum, suitable for a wide range of galenics and textures, such as gels or emulsions.

Solagum™ GM is a unique glucomannan because it is purified from the tubers of Amorphophallus muelleri, a tropical plant. Eco-designed, compliant with Chinese regulations2, this Cosmos approved natural gum from a 100% physical process is cold processable, readily biodegradable3 and non-microplastic4.

Compared to Xanthan Gum, Solagum™ GM at 1% meets the challenge of being able to thicken natural formulas with smooth textures 10 times more effectively without a sticky or stringy effect. Its exceptional comfort skin feel is enhanced by a long-lasting moisturizing effect clinically proven for up to 24 hours5. Solagum™ GM respects the cutaneous microbiota and is thus ideal for all types of skin care.

Coline HUBERT, product manager, declared:  “Solagum™ GM enhances Seppic’s natural polymers range Solagum™, offering new opportunities for formulators to innovate sustainably. Our ambition is to create a wide range of high-performance natural rheology modifiers to meet all the consumers’ needs!"

1 100% natural gum according to ISO 16 128.

2 Amorphophallus muelleri, authorized plant in China according to STSC (Safety and Technical Standard for Cosmetics 2015).

3 Readily biodegradable according to OECD 301B

4 Commission Regulation (EU) 2023/2055 on synthetic polymer microparticles, adopted by the European Commission on September 25, 2023.

5 Corneometry evaluation (in-vivo) on 22 women's legs.