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Seppic Lons


Located near Pau in the Southwest region of France, the Seppic Lons production site specializes in the botanical extraction of cosmetic and pharmaceutical active ingredients. The plant manufactures high-purity active ingredients extracted from Centella Asiatica and other Malagasy plants. These active ingredients are dedicated to skincare, wound healing, and venous insufficiency.

Seppic Lons is a trading member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), a non-profit association that promotes the 'Sourcing with Respect' of ingredients that come from native biodiversity. Being respectful of traditional know-how, improving the living conditions of local populations and developing local suppliers in areas where the plants originate, have been at the heart of the sustainable development of Seppic Lons since its inception and meet today’s standards of cosmetic customers.

Seppic Lons selects plants in Madagascar and has been committed for over 40 years to serving communities there.

The site has two manufacturing units and complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in producing active pharmaceutical ingredients. It also houses innovation laboratories devoted to botanical active ingredients.

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1, avenue Normandie Niemen

64140 Lons France

Phone : +33 (0)5 59 32 67 41