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Seppic Inc. Richmond Manufacturing

United States
Polykon Manufacturing

The Seppic Inc. Richmond Manufacturing site, opened in 2020, is located near Richmond, Virginia, USA. The plant specializes in producing ingredients for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. It has enhanced our proximity to our North American customers and increased our manufacturing capabilities worldwide.

Its overall concept was designed to incorporate the highest levels of manufacturing quality for cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients. All of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are integrated at the product flow level as well as at the individual flow level. The units, all outfitted with a self-cleaning system, are fully automated for consistent and easily traceable quality.

The plant has been designed with a zero-waste or emission objective. The best available techniques were used to reduce wastes and emissions to a strict minimum at their origin. The principles of recycling have been systematically adopted and final discharge treatment systems have been installed at the vent and waste-water levels to ensure there is virtually no impact on the environment.

The facility has obtained ISO 9001:2015, EFfCI and RSPO certifications.

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6201 Engineered Wood Way Sandston 


USA 23150

Phone: 804-322-7473