Seppic launches XYLISHINE™ C, the ingredient that restores scalp and hair fiber, for beautiful hair.

  • April 16, 2024
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Seppic launches XYLISHINE™ C, the ingredient that restores scalp and hair fiber, for beautiful hair.

Confirming its expertise in active ingredients for hair, Seppic completes its hair care offer with an ingredient designed to make hair naturally more beautiful: XYLISHINE™C.

Inspired by the "skinification" trend (taking care of its scalp like its skin), Seppic has created XYLISHINE™ C, an active ingredient acting holistically on scalp and hair cuticle repair. Thanks to XYLISHINE™ C, hair becomes visibly more beautiful with increased shine, better curl definition and volume control. 

XYLISHINE™ C is a natural active ingredient derived from a patented complex of sugar derivatives recognized for their moisturizing action in skin care, associated with a bio-inspired algae harvested in France (Brittany), Pelvetia canaliculata. It is well-known for its exceptional resistance to dehydration.

Seppic's Research & Innovation teams have demonstrated that XYLISHINE™ C helps restore the scalp by increasing its ceramide content by 27%* and strengthening its skin barrier by 42%*. It also helps repair the surface appearance of damaged cuticles by 82%**.

Thanks to this mode of action, XYLISHINE™ C increases the shine of all hair types, curly or straight (+7%***), curls are better defined (+16%***), and hair is softer to the touch (+7%***).

It is also efficient in different climates (tested ex vivo in standard and extreme temperature and humidity conditions) for visible anti-frizz action and hair volume control.

Compliant with Chinese IECIC and IECSC regulations, XYLISHINE™ C is also COSMOS and Natrue approved, with a naturality rate of 99.7% according to ISO 16128.

Audrey Bonnard, Active Product Manager at Seppic, said: "XYLISHINE™ C meets a strong expectation in the haircare market for ingredients with global efficacy, both on the scalp and the hair fiber. Tests carried out on different hair types and in different climates make it particularly interesting for beautifying all hair types anywhere in the world."

*In vivo test on 20 men and women volunteers applying a shampoo containing 3% Xylishine™ C or a placebo shampoo for 28 days.

**Ex vivo test applying a 3% Xylishine™ C solution to healthy and damaged hair.

***In vivo test on 2 groups of volunteers with curly or straight hair applying leave-on or shampoo containing 3% Xylishine™ C or placebo