SEPPIC launches in the cosmetic hair-care market

  • March 17, 2014
  • 2 minutes of read time

SEPPIC launches in the cosmetic hair-care market

SEPPIC is already recognized for its expertise in active ingredients, thickening products and emulsifiers for skincare, and is now launching into the haircare field with high-performance ingredients.

SEPPIC has been attentive to market trends and to its customers’ needs, and is interpreting and anticipating consumers’ requirements. In the haircare field, the company has identified four major trends, shown below, and brought them together as the [GC]2 concept.

Care expresses the “care and protection” dimension of a cosmetic product. It aims at respecting the integrity of the hair fibers, in order to protect and enhance the hair’s beauty. In particular, this can be seen in the sulfate-free shampoos and hair-colouring products containing oils.

Cure refers to the concept’s approach as a course of treatment for imbalances in the scalp; these may involve dandruff, odors, hair loss and various signs of ageing.

Green is a response to consumers’ concerns about the use of certain ingredients and a requirement for an environmentally friendly approach. The idea is to offer natural alternatives to “conventional” cosmetics, giving preference to products containing ingredients of natural origin.

Graph expresses our creativity, in terms of hair look. Now that we are seeing rainbow hair-color designs and ever more sophisticated styles, it is becoming important to offer new ways of expressing individuality in a fun way.

Chantal Amalric, Personal care strategy manager, says:« “Over a number of years, now, the hair-care market has become as demanding and sophisticated as skincare. SEPPIC ingredients provide inspiration for our customers, and naturally fit in that market.”

To illustrate the concept and demonstrate the variety of the ingredients, SEPPIC has created six haircosmetic formulations that you can find more information about at the In-Cosmetics fair, from 1st to 3rd April 2014, in Hamburg, Germany.