Seppic proves Emogreen™ L19 benefits for very dry and sensitive skin.

  • June 17, 2020
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Seppic proves Emogreen™ L19 benefits for very dry and sensitive skin.

Skin comfort is one of the biggest market demands as an increasing number of consumers declare to have sensitive skin: it has become a worldwide concern. Seppic releases new studies about Emogreen™ L19 a readily biodegradable, 100% plant-based and non polar emollient, well known for its outstanding sensory properties, close to volatile silicone oils. Emogreen™ L19 addresses very dry and sensitive skin needs: it improves the aspect, renews the sensation of comfort and allows to formulate cosmetic products with less preservatives.

In a clinical study Emogreen™ L19 was proven a microbiota-friendly emollient. Tested at 10% in an O/W emulsion used for 28 days in comparison to the same formula containing a classical oil (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride), Emogreen™ L19 was able to improve the balance of very dry skin microbiota, increasing the quality of the hydrolipidic film. First step to a better skin hydration, Emogreen™ L19 action on the skin “invisible barrier” was assessed thanks to  the amplification of the part of the RNA representative of the skin microbiota and 16S RNA sequencing.

Second, Emogreen™ L19 was proven ideal to improve very dry skin damaged “visible barrier” in combination with commonly used soothing actives ingredients. Indeed, in a formulation dedicated to very dry and sensitive skin containing Bisabolol, Emogreen™ L19 showed a synergy with the active ingredient to significantly restructure the skin after 28 days of treatment (D-squam®️ method). In comparison Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride did not show significant results. Moreover, an O/W emulsion containing 10% of Emogreen™ L19 significantly improved the aspect of the skin : it looks more moisturized, softer and smoother (expert clinical assessment). These clinical results were felt and noticed by the volunteers who participated to the study (questionnaire evaluation): the formula containing Emogreen™ L19 was highly appreciated and 91% of the volunteers felt a decrease in cutaneous discomfort sensation after only one month of treatment!

In addition, Seppic tested the capacity of its star emollient to lower the quantity of preservative required to reach preservation criteria A (according to European Pharmacopoeia) in a cream-gel formula. The in vitro study showed that thanks to its specific non polar structure, Emogreen™ L19 is a real formulation tip to design more gentle products dedicated to sensitive skin by lowering the amount of preservative needed!

Sabrina Mizaël, product manager, stated: “With these new data, Seppic shows that Emogreen™ L19 is more than just a nice-to-the-touch oil : it is a 100% natural active emollient!”

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