Seppic launches SEPIBLISS™ FEEL, the feel good soothing ingredient

  • March 28, 2023
  • 2 minutes of read time

Seppic launches SEPIBLISS™ FEEL, the feel good soothing ingredient

Confirming its expertise in creating soothing active ingredients, Seppic completes its range with an ingredient dedicated to holistic beauty: SEPIBLISS™ FEEL.

At a time when feeling good has become as important as looking good, Seppic creates SEPIBLISS™ FEEL, an active ingredient that acts on skin and well-being for a holistic beauty experience.

SEPIBLISS™ FEEL is a patented natural oil extracted from coriander seeds sourced in France and derived from a specific process to ensure good skin tolerance. Its high percentage of petroselinic acid, a fatty acid known for its soothing properties, makes it an ingredient with unique properties.

Seppic's Research teams have tested its efficacy via innovative in vitro models to demonstrate the following:

  • An acupuncture-like anti-stress effect (reduction of an oxidative stress marker)
  • Protection of happiness molecules production (β-endorphins and oxytocins)
  • Soothing properties (inhibition of crucial factors in the inflammation process and neuronal protection)

Tested in formulation on volunteers, SEPIBLISS™ FEEL provides a nourishing, soothing, and comforting effect not detected for the placebo. In addition, 63% of people also perceive a feeling of well-being when using the formula containing SEPIBLISS™ FEEL versus 35% for the placebo formula.

SEPIBLISS™ FEEL is COSMOS and Natrue approved with a natural content of 100% according to ISO 16128. It is also compliant with Chinese regulations (IECSC and IECIC).

Caroline BAPTISTE, Senior Marketing Manager for Active Ingredients at Seppic said: "SEPIBLISS™ FEEL is an original active ingredient that breaks new ground in the objectification of holistic beauty. It is a natural oil that brings comfort to consumers by acting on the skin and their well-being. This ingredient, therefore, complements our In & Out approach with a grade available in nutrition and is in line with Seppic's vision to help everyone enjoy a healthy life in a healthy environment.”