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EU07448A - Conditioning mask with vegetable oils

EU07448A - Conditioning mask with vegetable oils

Formulated with COSMOS approved ingredients

This conditioning mask hydrates and smoothes hair thanks to its unctuous and rich COSMOS compliant texture enriched with severals vegetables oils and hydrating active.

SOLAGUM™ TARA, non-ionic natural gum, texturizes and thickens this hair formula containing a cationic conditioning agent. MONTANOV™ 68 MB creates a rich and smooth texture made of various vegetables oils. It also supports scalp moisturization over time.

EMOGREEN™ L19, an alternative to silicones oils, eases the product spreading and leaves soft and shiny hair. LANOL 2681 is an emollient agent bringing a soft and light touch without oily finish.

AQUAXYL™ maintains hair hydrated. INULA™ HC enhances hair color. Besides, an in-vivo study has shown that INULA™ HC protects and reinforces hair fiber.

This rinse-off hair care pampers hair with hydrating and protecting actives!

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EU07448A - Conditioning mask with vegetable oils