Titanium dioxide free formulation
Between challenges and new opportunities

Formulation sans dioxyde de titane

Natural and Clean-label coatings are now becoming more and more requested in the food supplements industry. Nowadays consumers are being sensitive to the type of components present in their products. As a consequence the need for clean-label ingredients such as natural or titanium dioxide free coloring agents is increasing. 

For formulators, that consumer’s expectation comes with challenges but also opportunities.

Challenges linked to the formulation without titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide is a well known additive known for its high whitening and opacifying power. Its removal would then have an impact on the film coatings’ aesthetics. 

For the titanium dioxide free film coatings, the main challenges will be on the tablet coverage and also on the color or white brightness. 

For a reformulation of a colored titanium dioxide free coating, three key parameters must be taken into consideration: 

  • The type of coloring agent/pigment used (foodstuff, soluble dyes…)
  • The level of dilution needed to obtain some light shades, which can impact the stability to daylight
  • The level of coverage expected based on the core appearance.

At Seppic we’ve been working for many years to develop effective natural and clean-label solutions.

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Titanium dioxide free coating solutions

  • May 16, 2023
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sepifilm nat col

Sepifilm™ Naturally Colored For naturally intense colors

SEPIFILM™ Naturally Colored is a range of coating agents formulated to give bright and stable natural colors. All the products are free from aluminium, artificial colorants and free from titanium dioxide. 

Indeed, the colors are only brought by coloring foodstuffs which are concentrates of fruits, vegetables and algae. 

5 products are available in the SEPIFILM™ Naturally Colored range: SEPIFILM™ NAT RED / PINK / BLUE / YELLOW / GREEN

Different combinations of products are possible which give a large panel of colors and shades

Sepifilm™ Naturally Colored

The main advantages


Coloring foodstuffs


Stability to daylight



Sepifilm™ LP For a white, clear or colored coating with a moisture protection

SEPIFILM™ LP is a range of ready-to-use coating agents recommended for the protection of active nutritional ingredients against moisture. 

In this range, we have developed some coating agents free from titanium dioxide offering different levels of moisture protection. It is possible to color by associating the SEPIFILM™ LP with others Sepisperse™ DRY ou Sepifilm™ Naturally Colored

Sepifilm™ LP

The main advantages


Differents level of moisture protection


Alternative to titanium dioxide film-coatings



Sepifilm™ White TF For a white coating free from titanium dioxide

Sepifilm™ White TF is a coating agent designed for food supplement; it allows the formulation of white tablets without titanium dioxide. It is made of well-known ingredients from natural  origin.

Sepifilm™ White TF opens a way for new opportunities on the Nutrition market as it is an efficient alternative to white  film  coatings containing titanium dioxide. 

 It’s possible to bring colors by associating Sepifilm™ White TF with one or more of our products from our  Sepisperse™ DRY range

Sepifilm™ White TF

The main advantages


White coating with efficient coverage


Aqueous ready-to-use coating