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The power of an extremophile plant to restore skin softness and well being!
Aqua/Water - Tripleurospermum Maritimum Extract

SEA MAYWEED SC™ regulates the sensation of discomfort and local inflammation.

Its properties come from Matricaria maritima (also named "scentless Chamomille") that is mainly located on the top of sandhills.

It is distinguished by its white daisy-like flowers & its finely divided fern-like leaves.


SEA MAYWEED SC™ decreases redness and pain sensations.
The sensitive skins are less reactive, soothed. An immediate and long-term reduction of redness is visible.

SEA MAYWEED SC™ reduces:

  • the release of substance P and keeps it from binding to its receptor.
  • the release of interleukine-1 alpha and -6, and PGE2 in the epidermis.

It protects skin against stress with its anti-lipoperoxisase activity.


  • Soothing, skin care for sensitive skin
  • Deodorant
  • For a reduction of irritation, redness
  • To smooth the skin
  • For a well-being look


  • 1 test in vivo
  • Solubility: water soluble
  • Form: liquid
  • Use level: 1%

ECOCERT approved