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Global defense active ingredient

ANTILEUKINE™ 6 is a global anti-aging and defense shield that reduces the release of inflammation mediators. It is also a DNA protector after UVA/UVB exposure. It comes from a golden seaweed: Laminaria ochroleuca.

Laminaria ochroleuca is typically found at lower depths. It is one of a small number of kelps whose tissues repel epiphytes & epifauna. Laminaria ochroleuca is exposed to an high level of salt stress and important solar variations, as it undergoes total emersion and immersion which allow to secrete secondary metabolites to resist against UV.

Known as the golden seaweed, is has the ability to resist to UV. Then we did investigate its ability to protect the skin as a DNA protection after UV stress.


ANTILEUKINE 6™ decreases redness of -11% after a first application, characterized by a significant decrease of a* parameter (from green to red) after 24h compared with non treated irradiated zone after 24h.

Skin benefit : soothing effect after 24h, until D0t48h
Significant difference between ANTILEUKINE 6™ and placebo on the a* parameter from D0t24h to D0t48h. Placebo did not induce any significant change, at any time.

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride - Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract

A global anti-aging and defense shield:

Mode of action: collagen: +30%, GAG: +30%, Anti-MMP 1

China compliant, ECOCERT Cosmos approved, Natrue approved, RSPO Green Palm Program.

DNA protector after UVA/UVB exposure:

ANTILEUKINE™ 6 has anti photo-aging properties: its ability to inhibit the formation of “Sun Burn Cells” led by UV, its cell protection with global action on the denditric cells & DNA, its capacity to protect & strengthen the hydrolipidic balance of the skin, in vivo studies to emphazize its moisturizing properties

Mode of action - In vitro:

Sunburn cells (UVB induced) decrease: -50%

An active ingredient that decreases the inflammation mediators

Mode of action - In vitro:

  • Decreases TNFα: -26% vs UVB
  • Decreases LTB4: -29% vs UVB
  • Decreases COX2: -29% vs UVB
  • Decreases IL10: -26% vs UVB


  • Solubility: liposoluble
  • Form: liquid
  • Use level: 2%
  • Preservative free


Safety Data Sheet

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