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Daily Soothing Shield
All-In-One Reinforces & Protects

Addressed to consumers seeking out multifunctional beauty and personal care products, with both beautifying and protective properties, ANTILEUKINE 6™ is an all-in-one active ingredient acting as a daily soothing shield.

To remember
  1. Bio-inspired active ingredient from Laminaria ochroleuca
  2. Daily Soothing Shield : soothing, moisturizing, anti dehydration wrinkles effect and skin quality enhancement
  3. Reinforcement of the different cutaneous layers improving skin structure
  4. Protection against various stresses



ANTILEUKINE 6™ is a bio-inspired extract of Laminaria ochroleuca. Also called the golden seaweed, Laminaria ochroleuca has internal balance and adaptation abilities, so that it thrives in a stressful marine environment.

Daily soothing shield

ANTILEUKINE 6™ is a daily soothing shield, offering an immediate to medium term soothing, improving skin hydration, reducing dehydration wrinkles and enhancing skin (smoothness, firmness).

  • In particular, proven in vivo:
in redness that last up to 48h
of hydration
-9 %
in depth of dehydration-wrinkles


ANTILEUKINE 6™ reinforces the cutaneous basal state, by boosting the neo-synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans.

Protects against various stresses

ANTILEUKINE 6™ protects against:

  • UV-induced stress
  • stress induced by blue light
  • and against neurogenic suractivation


  • Skin care
  • Sun care
  • Hygiene


  • INCI: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride - Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract
  • Oil soluble
  • Oily limpid liquid
  • Use level: 2%
  • No preservative
  • China compliant, Verified Ecocert, Cosmos approved, NaTrue approved, Halal, Vegan suitable, NOC (ISO16128) = 100%
  • This product is covered by a Mass Balance certificate. Check our progresses on


Safety Data Sheet