Millennials, new Seppic cosmetic formulations inspired by the expectations of 20-35 year-olds

  • December 20, 2019
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Millennials, new Seppic cosmetic formulations inspired by the expectations of 20-35 year-olds

At Cosmetagora on 14-15 January coming, Seppic is presenting its new collection with seven new formulations especially for 'Millennials'.

Generation 'Y' born from 1985 to 1999, they are the first to share their experiences with the community on social media. These people are engaged, displaying their values. Their curiosity leads them to understand the products they use. They want to consume better and responsibly. They're concerned about the environment. This year Seppic is aiming at this generation by offering new products developed by its laboratory at Castres.

Sharing, photographing yourself immediately, liking, SELFIES are everywhere in different forms (alone, in groups, with filters, etc.). It's flooding social media: Instagram, WhatsApp, blogs, etc. They want an immediate effect. Beauty Secret for Insta Lovers mist spray quickly balances a radiant complexion with natural extract of Centella asiatica, TALADVANCE™. It has a surprising texture: sprayable despite a thick consistency with the emulsifier MONTANOV™ L and polymer SEPIMAX ZEN™. EMOGREEN™ L15 and L19 produce a soft powdered finish with a matting effect. This spray can be taken everywhere and used at any time.

Always on the look-out for new experiences, Millennials are ready to go out, party, discover new places. As we look towards summertime, they are looking for skin protection products to suit their needs. They're ready to change their look for the occasion with sparkles. Sunshine & Pixie Dust is an easy-to-apply, sparkling emulsion sunscreen offering SPF30 sun protection leaving the skin soft, hydrated and sparkling. SEPINOV™ EMT 10 thickens the emulsion with organic sun filters and creates a creamy texture. SEPIFINE™ BB, a natural texturising powder, gives the skin a soft and velvety finish minimising the oily effect of sun filters. ANTILEUKINE 6™, an oily active nicknamed 'golden seaweed, acts as an ageing shield. The skin is protected from the sun and lit up with sparkles!

Millennials, as consumers, seek to consume better. They want to understand their cosmetic products. Soft Micellar Milky Water is a minimalist make-up-removing micellar water containing 98.82%* natural ingredients and 99.47%** biodegradable. The composition of this 'yuka compliant' formulation sets all the signals to green. It removes make-up efficiently from the skin with ORAMIX™ CG110, mild plant-sourced surfactant. AQUAXYL™, active with an excellent tolerance profile, boosts skin hydration (lipids, proteins, hyaluronic acid, NMF). SIMULGEL™ NS, polymer based on plant-sourced squalane, stabilises the milk and gives it a fresh creamy texture. Guaranteed quick break effect! EMOGREEN™ L19 gives a velvety feel. Micellar beauty product that takes care of the skin.

These expectations are part of Millennials' lives. Seppic innovates by inspiring its customers through its 'Millennials' texture bar and invites us to rediscover its ingredients through 4 more formulations introduced on its stand.

*Content of Natural Ingredients as per ISO 16128 standard; the rest of the ingredients guarantee the pleasant sensory Follow us Twitter @Seppic profile and preservation of the formulation<

**Quantity of water and easily biodegradable ingredients present in the formulation; data from OECD tests, QSAR calculations, product safety data sheets and literature review. % without perfume, preservatives and colourings

° At date 6/11/19

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