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EU07601 - Soft micellar milky water

Yuka friendly

This minimalist milky micellar water removes make-up and gently soothes your skin. The formula composition is "yuka compliant".

ORAMIX™ CG 110, vegetable origin surfactant with a low CMC, cleanses and removes make-up from the skin. SIMULGEL™ NS, polymer based on squalane of vegetable origin, stabilizes the milky water and creates a fresh and melting texture with a quick-break effect. EMOGREEN™ L19 provides a velvety touch.

ANTILEUKINE 6™ soothes the skin and brings a real feeling of well-being. AQUAXYL™, active ingredient with excellent tolerability, boosts all the actors involved in skin hydration (lipids, proteins, hyaluronic acid, NMF).

A micellar care that takes care of the skin!

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EU07601 - Soft micellar milky water