Seppic participate in the writing of a book on sensory analysis

  • February 9, 2022
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Seppic participate in the writing of a book on sensory analysis

Sensory analysis is a set of techniques that measure the effects of a product, perceived through our five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch). An objective measure of course requires prior training!

This science comes historically from the food field but is now used in many activities, especially to guide the development of new products, as is the case for Seppic.

International scientific conferences are regularly organized on this subject (Eurosense, SenseAsia, Pangborn...) and Seppic has actively participated in it since 2018, promoting our research in the field of cosmetics.

It was in this context that Seppic’s teams were asked to write a chapter of a book which brings to light practices in different areas, other than food. Seppic shares its experience and the vision of an ingredient supplier. Our work is indeed specific because we seek to identify the role of a particular ingredient on sensory properties by comparing simple formulas in which only this ingredient changes. Our customers, who manufacture finished products, generally compare more sophisticated formulas, which contain different combinations of ingredients.

You can find a summary of the book on the publisher's website.

To know more about sensory analysis handle in Seppic, please visit our website page.