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AS40110 - Cooling and soothing geltrap

Cooling and soothing GELTRAP™

With TECA™: extract of centella asiatica

In association with EASYNOV™, SEPIPLUS™ 400 creates the unique GELTRAP™ texture which provides freshness during application and a very comfortable afterfeel.

EMOGREENTM L19 gives soft and non-greasy skin feel.

AQUAXYL™ has strong moisturizing ability and reduces TEWL. TECA™ reduces cell damages while soothing, reconstructing, and remodeling the skin.

In this formulation, TECA™ is completely solubilized.
There are no TECA ™ crystals visible under polarized light and normal light after 1 month.

COOL AND SOOTHE GELTRAP™ combines both sensoriality and efficacy for dry skins.