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AS40107 - Twist your face

AS40107 - Twist your face


Shine with your performances and not with your skin, thanks to this mattifying and anti-redness corrector!

SEPIPLUS™ S efficiently stabilizes and disperses the formula green pigments. These are rubbing out the redness caused by workout.

GELTRAP™ technology allows to bring freshness and an easy spreading, ideal for the show!

EMOSMART™ both grades association provides a light application with a soft and dry finish.

SEPIMAT™ H10 mattifies and absorbs the shine due to workouts.

EQUIBIOME™ balances the cutaneous microbiota for a harmonized complexion.

AQUAXYL™ reinforces the moisturizing power of the glycerin to create a powerful skin protective synergy!

Fresh, light, efficient, this corrector has all the skills to become your new dance accessory!

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With TECA™: extract of centella asiatica

AS40107 - Twist your face

AS40107 - Twist your face

  • April 17, 2018
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