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Feel Sublime with a perfect skin

SUBLIGANA is an anti imperfections botanical active sourced in Madagascar dedicated to acne prone skin. SUBLIGANA eliminates spots, soothes & corrects blemishes … for a sublime skin.


INCI: Glycerin - Aqua/Water - Harungana Madagascariensis Extract

SUBLIGANA™ is a titrated extract of Harungana madagascariensis originated from the center and east of Madagascar. By forming a physical and a repulsive barrier, this tree protects primary forest areas from attacks and is capable of restoring degraded landscapes. It is considered by botanists as a “forest Guard". Traditionally, leaf decoctions are used against asthma and skin disorders and leaf juice is used for wound healing.

SUBLIGANA™ combines soothing, antioxidant effect and efficacy against Propionibacterium acnes for blemished and acne-prone skins.
An in-use test on volunteers presenting acne-prone skin has shown a significant whiteheads reduction versus placebo after 28 days.

SUBLIGANA™ is the natural solution for a perfect skin.


Solubility: water soluble
Form: liquid
Use level: 1 to 2%
Preservative free
Titrated extract in polyphenols
China compliant
Ecocert cosmetics & Cosmos approved


Whitehead reduction


Anti-oxydant activity

Up to +157%

Soothing activity