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Concentrated Liquid Polymer with Gliding and Elegant Touch

SEPIPLUS™ 400 is a liquid polymer produced by inverse emulsion polymerization. This is a solvent-free, energy efficient manufacturing process technology.
In concentrated form, the transport of water can be reduced in comparison to standard (non-concentrated) grades.


SEPIPLUS™ 400 imparts a slippery silicone-like feel and can be used to reduce the use of silicone in formulas. Due to this benefit, which makes it easy to spread, along with its perfect compatibility with various sunscreen coatings, it is ideal for sun care products.

It is also one of the key ingredients for the GELTRAP™ concept.

INCI: Polyacrylate-13 & Polyisobutene & Polysorbate 20


  • Ready-to-use: concentrated and pre-neutralized liquid
  • Cold or hot process
  • Wide pH range: 3-12
  • Multifunctional: thickening, stabilizing and texturizing
  • Good resistance to electrolytes due to its concentrated liquid form
  • Sprayable fluid to thick textures
  • Compatible with solvents, mineral waters, sun filters and sunscreens with different coatings (alumina, silicone, silica, aluminium hydroxide), pigments, etc.

Consumer benefits

  • Smooth, shiny and soft texture
  • Easy to pick up and spread
  • "Silicone-like" gliding and elegant skin feel


  • Face & body care
  • Suncare
  • Hair care
  • Make-up

Specific Regulations

  • Approved in China (listed in IECIC 2015)
  • Liquid-liquid acrylic emulsion. Thus it is not considered as a microplastic according to the definition of ECHA (proposal of August 22nd, 2019)