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SEPIFILM™  SC-dragéification-sucre


A film-coating agent for sugar-coating

SEPIFILM™ SC is a ready-to-use film-coating agent designed specifically for sugar-coating processes. It provides a high-quality, thin and glossy film coating. It is well suited for to sugar-coated almonds, chewing gums and tablets.

Characteristics and benefits

The sugar and HPMC-based SEPIFILM™ SC formulation guarantees a homogeneous and reproducible film-coating.
Due to its granular form, it disperses quickly and easily in water, without dust or lumps.

SEPIFILM™ SC provides a thin white film coating with a glossy appearance and a slightly sweet taste.

Using SEPIFILM™ SC in the sugar-coating process can also give tablets greater protection against both moisture and light.

Its ready-to-use granular can reduce processing time in comparison to traditional sugar-coating systems.


SEPIFILM™ SC can be used for the applications:

  • dietary supplements
  • confectionery (sugar-coated almonds, chewing gums, etc.)

SEPIFILM™ SC complies with EU and US regulations for dietary supplements and confectionery.
It is also suitable for pharmaceutical applications.