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SEPIFILM™ LP-protection-humidité


Film-coating agents for moisture protection

SEPIFILM™ LP is a range of ready-to-use film-coating agents recommended for the protection of active nutritional ingredients against moisture. SEPIFILM™ LP come in a granular form and can be used for an optimal protection of active ingredients sensitive to moisture such as plant extracts. SEPIFILM™ LP can also be used to improve the physical properties of the core (hardness, friability).

A comprehensive range of film-coatings for moisture protection

The SEPIFILM™ LP range is comprised of white and colorless film-coating products offering several protection levels:

Coating type Product Protection level
White SEPIFILM™ LP 770 Standard protection
SEPIFILM™ LP 761 Enhanced protection
Colorless SEPIFILM™ LP 010 Standard protection
SEPIFILM™ LP 014 Standard protection +
SEPIFILM™ LP 007 Enhanced protection
SEPIFILM™ LP 030 Enhanced protection ++


SEPIFILM™ LP products can be colored by combining them with one or several SEPISPERSE™ DRY.

SEPIFILM™ LP products can also be used as a sublayer with SEPIFILM™Naturally Colored.


Due to its composition and its granular form, SEPIFILM™ LP has numerous benefits:

1/ Ease of implementation:

  • Rapid dispersion, without dust or lumps
  • Homogeneous dispersion, without generating foam
  • No extreme temperatures
  • Allows film-coating in an aqueous medium

2/ Protection and stability of the finished product:

  • Protects active ingredients sensitive to moisture
  • Improves the stability of hygroscopic formulations
  • Allows the use of higher permeability packaging materials
  • Helps to improve the physical properties of the core

Furthermore, SEPPIC supports its customers with a wide range of services, such as Sepischool, a theoretical and practical training course on film-coating, technical assistance from a film-coating expert on customer site and a customized formulation offer. Discover the different services NUT here.


The SEPIFILM™ LP range can be used for the applications:

  • dietary supplements
  • confectionery

Products from the SEPIFILM™ LP range comply with EU and US regulations for dietary supplements.

They are also suitable for pharmaceutical applications.


Safety Data Sheet

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