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EU07384A - Optimized foaming power make it a cleanser!

Optimized foaming power make it a cleanser!


A reconstituted cleanser (5%a.m.) with 20g of EU07384 Concentrated Foaming Power (26.75 % a.m.) and 80g of water. Water is added at the last moment by consumer to avoid water transport in the packaging. Moreover, the reconstituted formula is readily biodegradable*. Super eco-friendly!
  • The ratio PROTEOL™ APL EF, ORAMIX™ CG110 and ORAMIX™ GB 10 have been optimized to obtain an eco-responsible formula (concentrated and economical) and high foaming performances (foam stability, density, amount and profusion time).
  • This formula moisturizes both skin and hair fiber thanks to AQUAXYL™ and brings a protection to hair dye with BLUE SEAKALE.