Castres site welcomes the students from Toulouse INP-ENSIACET.

  • November 2, 2021
  • 2 mins of read time

Castres site welcomes the students from Toulouse INP-ENSIACET.

The Castres teams pass on their knowledge.

As part of its School Relations policy, Seppic is developing strong partnerships with local schools offering training relevant to our activities and our industry.

On 6 October, teams from the Castres site welcomed around thirty engineering students from the INP-ENSIACET school in Toulouse, specialising in health, safety and the environment, to raise their awareness of safety issues. 

Seppic offered them a series of field exercises to discover our activities through a safety prism. Divided into groups, the students undertook risk analysis exercises at their workstations directly in the workshops, laboratories and warehouses in close collaboration with the employees.

By sharing its expertise with future industry professionals, Seppic hopes to raise awareness of its business and attract new talent. The School Relations strategy that Seppic launched in 2020 includes participation in numerous school forums, but also strong partnerships and other types of actions such as the one organised in Castres with INP-ENSIACET. Another event is planned for 4 November with the same school.

Frédéric Sanchez, Director of the Castres site, comments: "Thanks to the active participation of an employee who recently graduated from this school and the mobilisation of the HSE department and operational staff, we were able to promote our businesses and the expertise of our employees to future industry professionals. We can be collectively proud to participate in raising their awareness of industrial risks in real-life situations.