The 2021/2022 season of Seppic school forums is launched!

  • October 18, 2021
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The 2021/2022 season of Seppic school forums is launched!

In a constantly changing environment, one of the challenges of human resources is to support the company's growth while preparing for the future. By developing close links with schools offering training courses in line with its activities and its current and future businesses, Seppic is wishing to attract new talent.

In the coming weeks, we will have the pleasure of meeting students from the following schools:

  • ENSCL: September 21-22
  • EBI: October 6
  • Horizon Chemistry Forum: October 18
  • Supbiotech: October 19
  • ESCOM: October 21
  • ENSCM: November 9
  • Oniris: November 18
  • ENSIACET: November 19
  • CPE Lyon: November 25

In addition to participating in forums, Seppic continues to engage with its partner schools by giving lectures, participating in round tables, offering case studies and organising visits to its sites. 
In order to forge special links with students, our employees who have graduated from these schools accompany us to share their experience and enable them to see the jobs and activities of Seppic.

Making ourselves known to students, arousing their interest and identifying talent are our priorities.