SEPPIC Opens Doors of New Production Unit, 1st Sterile High-Volume Packaging Line for Vaccine Adjuvants and Injectables

  • October 16, 2014
  • 2 mins of read time

SEPPIC Opens Doors of New Production Unit, 1st Sterile High-Volume Packaging Line for Vaccine Adjuvants and Injectables

Today SEPPIC, a leader in the global market for vaccine adjuvants, is launching operations at its new production unit for vaccine adjuvants and injectables in Castres, France. The ultramodern facility puts SEPPIC at the cutting edge of technology. It is now the only company producing large quantities of sterile pharmaceutical excipients and packaging them in pouches with volumes as great as 200 L. SEPPIC will eventually be offering sizes up to 1,000 L.

€ 6 million has been invested in this project.

SEPPIC meets pharmaceutical industry standards through its sterile manufacturing process and aseptic packaging line. This means high-quality products that are sterile from start to finish.

Public health and access to uncontaminated foods are issues that will grow in importance over the upcoming years, especially since the world population is expected to grow by 34% between now and 2050. Consequently, as animals carry 60% of all human pathogens, animal health and veterinary vaccines will be critical to the protection of human populations.

Castres will initially be producing what is in ever greater demand on the animal vaccine market—mainly offerings from the MONTANIDE™ range that target foot-and-mouth disease, avian influenza, and Newcastle disease.

Armelle Levieux, Chairman of the Management Board of SEPPIC, says: “We regularly invest in pharmaceutical operations at the Castres site. The new production unit allows us to expand our vaccine adjuvants business. We are maintaining our lead by offering the pharmaceutical industry high-volume sterile packaging and a wider product range.”