SEPPIC discloses new biological results for SEPIWHITE™ MSH

  • April 7, 2017
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SEPPIC discloses new biological results for SEPIWHITE™ MSH

From more than 10 years, skin pigmentation has been a major concern. Women around the world now rank complexion as a bigger challenge than wrinkles1 because uniformity of skin color significantly influences the perception of age and attractiveness2.

To address these concerns, SEPPIC offers SEPIWHITE™ MSH a lightening active ingredient which acts through an original mode of action on the main steps of the melanogenesis and has shown strong efficacy on different types of skins; caucasian, asian, young, aged, with or without spots…

An additional clinical study, recently launched on African and Indian women, offers a more personalized answer to this global need.

These new clinical results demonstrate that from 7 days of treatment, SEPIWHITE™ MSH significantly increases the lightening effect and the luminosity of the skin (even skin tone) and reduces visible dark spots on 83% of the panel. In addition, 100% of the volunteers assessed that their skin was less dull, softer, smoother, lighter, brighter, more uniform and more radiant.

Since its launch, SEPIWHITE™ MSH has demonstrated its excellent stability, safety and efficacy in comparison to tested reference molecules (such as arbutin, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, kojic acid and hydroquinone). Five clinical trials are now available to show its lightening properties on a wide range of skin phototypes (from II to V).

Natural derived, ECOCERT, COSMOS & Natrue certified, SEPIWHITE™ MSH is also China approved and exists in a QD version for Japan. This universal lightener offers a flash radiant complexion for all skin tones!

1: « Global Truth in Beauty » Survey by Clinique 2007
2: Visible skin color distribution plays a role in the perception of age, attractiveness, and health in female faces. Bernhard Fink, Karl Grammer, Paul J. Matts. Evolution & Human. November 2006, Volume 27, Issue 6, Pages 433–442

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